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  • Animation born from top imagination

    When you’re passionate about design and animation like we are, a whole world of possibilities opens up. We found a playground in all industries, from cartoons, videos, commercials, movies or games. We like to play and explore and this shows in this following reel.

  • The Social Ego

    A new, just out of the oven project, that we have been working on lately is here: "The Social Ego", our first collaboration with the New York based agency RXM Creative.
    The animation of the device and the post-production we have done completes a video that illustrates just how much our online social status affects our actual lives.
    So in that spirit, we urge you share it, repost it and spread the word.

    Credits: Visual Creative Director – Tuliu Oltean | Animation – Octav Ureche | Sound Editor – Oli Brezoianu | Project Management -  Cristian Popescu

  • Packaging Design Disney

    The challenge was to build a Disney packaging design starting from the logo of the Corn Puffs Gusto brand and add to it all the Disney elements (like Mickey Mouse & friends). By using them, we created this cheerful and happy design desired by kids.